An orange traffic cone marks the edge of a flooded roadway, which fills most of the frame. There is a fence on the right hand side and leafy trees and a low grassy hill in the background.

Intense Weather Stress-Tested SF’s Emergency Response

This article is adapted from an episode of our podcast “Civic.” Click the audio player below to hear the full story. 

Rains this winter and early spring ended the drought in the Bay Area and brought a kind of weather whiplash that put San Francisco’s Department of Emergency Management to the test.  » Read more

An aerial black and white photo displays an empty dirty lot surrounded by chain link fences. Two cars are parked next to the sidewalk in front of the lot. Behind the cars, a group of three people stand around a small table.

Without Dropping Cash Reparations Idea, SF Investigates New Housing Reforms

Ideas for reparations in San Francisco go far beyond a proposed $5 million payment to each qualifying Black resident — the option that captured national media attention and inspired a handwringing frenzy. The Board of Supervisors will review and discuss dozens of policy recommendations when it meets March 14 to weigh in on the city’s draft reparations plan. » Read more