About Us

What We Do

The San Francisco Public Press is a nonprofit, noncommercial news organization that publishes independent public-interest journalism about under-covered topics, with a focus on under-served audiences. Online, in a newspaper and on community radio station KSFP-FM, we offer local investigative and solutions reporting. Coverage areas include environmental protection, housing affordability, public health, transportation safety, homeless services, digital privacy, immigration and elections.

Our values:

  • We are a noncommercial publication and independent from corporate influence.
  • We question those in power and amplify voices from underserved communities.
  • We believe in bold storytelling, risk-taking and context-rich nonpartisan coverage that is free from political advocacy or institutional spin.
  • We are conveners, bringing together diverse communities to listen, learn and collaborate on ways to address problems and effect change.

“The mission of the San Francisco Public Press is to enrich civic life in San Francisco by delivering public-interest journalism to broad and diverse audiences through print and interactive media not supported by advertising.”

See also:Ethics and Business Practices” and “Doing Our Part to Dismantle Discrimination and Racism.”

Who We Are


Michael Stoll — Executive Director, San Francisco Public Press
Lila LaHood — Publisher, San Francisco Public Press (Board Treasurer)
Patricia Bovan Campbell — Attorney (Board Secretary)
David Cohn — Senior Director, Advance Digital (Board President)
Neal Gorenflo — Founder, Shareable.net
Lawrence Groo — Impact Investor
Ricardo Sandoval Palos — Public Editor, PBS
Peter Scheer — Director Emeritus, First Amendment Coalition


Kurt Aguilar — Copy Chief
Madison Alvarado — Reporter
John Angelico — Web Producer
Mel Baker — KSFP Programming Director & “Civic” Producer
Yesica Prado — Reporter, Photographer
Lisa Rudman — Development Director
Sylvie Sturm — Reporter
Liana Wilcox — “Civic” Associate Producer


Newspaper Designer: Brooks Mencher
Graphic Artist: Reid Brown
Contributing journalists: Rebecca Bowe, Kristi Coale, Chris Roberts, Seth Rosenfeld, Viji Sundaram, Frank Bass
Research Editor: Ambika Kandasamy
Archival Researcher: Stacey Carter
Copy Editors: Michele Anderson, Richard Knee, Dean Takehara
Crossword Constructor: Andrea Carla Michaels


Audio Studio Consultant: Phil Hartman
Radio Station Consultant: Jeff Shaw
Newspaper Distributors: Carla Laser, Bill Schwalb
Fundraising Consultant: George Koster


The San Francisco Public Press is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization funded by donations from the public, community foundations and institutions focused on journalism and civic engagement.

The San Francisco Foundation is an incubator for community investment, original ideas and passionate leadership in the Bay Area. One of the nation’s largest community foundations in grantmaking and assets, it has been the primary funder of the Public Press since 2009. sff.org

The Reva and David Logan Foundation is a Chicago-based family foundation that provides strategic grants to support social justice, the arts and investigative journalism both in Chicago and around the world. Dedicated to lasting support for the founders’ powerful and eclectic mix of grants. loganfdn.org

The James Irvine Foundation’s mission is to expand opportunity for the people of California to participate in a vibrant, successful and inclusive society.irvine.org

Inasmuch Foundation’s mission is to invest in the future of journalism by building the ethics, skills and opportunities needed to advance principled, probing news and information now and for the future. (Formerly the Ethics & Excellence in Journalism Foundation.) inasmuchfoundation.org/eejf-home

ProPublica’s Local Reporting Network supports investigative reporting at the local level. Our partners’ stories have made a real difference in their communities, and their work has been recognized nationally with prestigious journalism awards. propublica.org/local-reporting-network

The Society of Environmental Journalists is the only North American membership association of professional journalists dedicated to more and better coverage of environment-related issues. SEJ’s mission is to strengthen the quality, reach and viability of journalism that advances public understanding of environmental issues. sej.org

The Solutions Journalism Network’s mission is to transform journalism so that all people have access to news that helps them envision and build a more equitable and sustainable world. It engages journalists, educators, other media producers and news organizations to seek solutions to local and global challenges. Solutionsjournalism.org

The California Endowment’s mission is to expand access to affordable, quality health care for underserved individuals and communities and to promote fundamental improvements in the health status of all Californians. calendow.org

Craig Newmark Philanthropies’ goal is to support and connect people and drive broad civic engagement, working to advance grassroots organizations that are effective and getting stuff done in areas that include: trustworthy journalism & the information ecosystem, voter protection, women in tech, and veterans & military families. craignewmarkphilanthropies.org

Fund for Nonprofit News at the Miami Foundation administers the News Match, a national campaign to encourage grassroots support for nonprofit news organizations. The fund was established with grants from Democracy Fund, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Jonathan Logan Family Foundation, Facebook Journalism Project and Ethics & Excellence in Journalism Foundation. miamifoundation.org & newsmatch.org

Local Independent Online News Publishers supports news organizations around the country to report important stories and sharpen their skills. lionpublishers.org

The Fund for Investigative Journalism has helped to finance exposes of harmful and wrongful conduct, such as corruption at all levels of government; corporate, governmental and press nonfeasance, misfeasance and malfeasance; abuses of civil and human rights and of the environment; unsafe medical technologies; and improper donor influence on research in academe. fij.org

The Institute for Nonprofit News consists of more than 400 nonprofit media organizations in North America. Our community shares best practices, collaborates on stories, pools resources and receives cutting-edge training in professional, organizational and business development. inn.org

The Ida B. Wells Fellowship, sponsored by Type Investigations, promotes diversity in journalism by helping to create a pipeline of investigative reporters of color who bring diverse backgrounds, experiences, and interests to their work. typeinvestigations.org/ida-b-wells/

The Puffin Foundation Ltd. has sought to open the doors of artistic expression by providing grants to artists and art organizations who are often excluded from mainstream opportunities due to their race, gender, or social philosophy. puffinfoundation.org

The NBO Foundation makes contributions to journalism programs or projects which improve the quality of journalism in all of its forms. They also support programs that defend freedom of the press globally. nbofoundation.org

Past institutional funders have included the Jay Pritzker Foundation, Investigative Editing Corps, and the Jonathan Logan Family Foundation.

Our members

Media Reformer and Publisher Members ● $1,000 and above

Annie Akin ● David and Keli Amann ● Eric Arbanovella ● Doug Beeferman ● Camille Campbell ● David and Megan Cohn ● Mark and Suzanne Colodny ● Credo Restaurant ● Jake Donham and Katherine Hodge ● Lawrence Groo ● Scott James and Jerry Cain ● Mary Jane Kelly ● Derek Kerr ● James LaHood ● Lila LaHood ● Marquita Bedway and Alger LaHood ● Michael LaHood and Elizabeth Pontikes ● Betsy Morris ● Sally Nunn Newson ● Lydia Chavez and Mark Rabine ● Elizabeth and Yassen Roussev ● Laurie Schecter ● Peter Scheer ● McNabb Foundation ● Judith and Stephen Stoll Family Fund ● Corey Stoll

Editor Members ● $500 to $999

Lee Azus ● Laura Belzer ● Jean Bogiages ● Patricia Bovan Campbell ● Mary Carp ● Ronald Fisher ● William Fitzgerald ● Moritz Fliedner ● Golden Spertus Fund ● Neal Gorenflo ● Marge Harburg ● Oliver Hickman ● Don H. ● Todd Katz ● David Cay Johnston and Jennifer Leonard ● Jennifer Loomis ● Mack Lundstrom ● Howard and Jan Oringer ● David and Kelly Pascal ● Patricia and Rowland Rebele ● Michael Siani-Rose ● Seth Rosenfeld ● Stephen Silha ● Vikram Krishnan and Mona Tekchandani ● Jamie Whitaker ● Alder Yarrow ● Julia Young

Columnist Members ● $250 to $499

Susan Adams ● Jean Amos ● Barbara and Richard Asche ● Emily Beaver ● Jennifer Betti ● Larry Bush ● Richard Champion ● Richard DeLeon ● Jim Dupont and Pat Lamborn ● Julie Flynn Siler and Charlie Siler ● Edward and Yukari Franzwa ● Susan Goldstein ● Deborah Gordon ● William B. Grant ● Tracy Grubbs and Richard Taylor ● Carlin Holden ● Geri Koeppel ● Carol Kocivar and Terry Norbury ● The Marianne Palmer Donor Fund ● Nate Parsons ● Lawrence Patrick ● Leslie Guevarra and Richard Pestorich ● Dennis Richards ● Kristina Rizga ● Josh Schiller ● Yves Averous and Marc Smolowitz ● Dan Wood

Beat Reporter Members ● $100 to $249

Michele Anderson ● Dennis and Kathleen Arroyo ● Peter Barnes ● Berit Baumberger ● Molly Bierman (Ryan)● Anna Budayr ● Umbreen Bhatti and Kaizar Campwala ● Martin Chai ● Timothy Covington ● Jennifer Cray ● Gerald Davidson ● Phyllis Deets ● Frances Dinkelspiel and Gary Wayne ● Peter Dragovich ● Jennifer Dunlop Fletcher ● Deirdre English ● Liz Enochs ● Osborn Erickson ● Steve Fainaru ● Jon Funabiki ● Julia Gallyot ● Daniel Gelfand Gregor ● Gentschev ● Birgitte and Art Gilliland ● Ted Glasser ● Catherine Hagan ● Elyce Haut ● Sue Hestor ● Linda Himelstein ● Nicholas Hobbs ● Judith Hulka ● Ambika Kandasamy ● Dorothy Kidd ● Max Klee ● Tatiana Kyriakides ● Gregory LaHood ● Pat Lamborn ● Marie Libeson ● Ethan Lindsey ● Jeffrey Johnson and Jaime Lockwood ● Janet Lohr ● Robert Lowrey ● Sam Luks ● Roger Macdonald ● Christin Evans and Praveen Madan ● Sasha Magee ● Joe Mathewson ● Pat May ● John McManus ● Mark and Sara Meltzer ● Andrew Meranus ● Geri Migielicz ● Jennifer Miller ● Herbert F. Mintz II ● Auzie Mirhashemi ● Carmen Monedero ● Miranda Morris ● David Keenan and Alice Mosley ● Amy O’Hair ● John and Sara O’Neill ● Jaya Padmanabhan ● Teresa Palmer ● Jennifer and Jerome Perarnaud ● Fran Petris ● Deborah Quick ● Roberto Rondero De Mosier ● Stephen Sagar ● Joseph Gratz and Dinah Sanders ● Sadik Huseny and Doniece Sandoval ● Pamela Satterthwaite ● George Koster and Carol Savary ● Caroline Sayre ● David V. Johnson and Victoria Schlesinger ● Karen Schulkin ● Jane Shabaker ● Mike Skalnik ● Ellen Spertus ● Jacob Snow ● Ivy Marsh and Frank Stoll ● Peter Sussman ● John Swartley ● Diane Tate ● Dana Taylor ● Tina Chiu and Jonathan Toma ● Claire Veuthey ● Luis Villa ● Rafael Vranizan ● Glen Van Lehn and Teresa Welborn ● James Wheaton ● Selma Wilson ● Stacy Wolf ● Roland Wong ● Ellen Zhou ● Scott Zimmermann

Cub Reporter Members ● $50 to $99

Anonymous (2) ● Arienne Adamcikova ● Nancy Aldrich-Ruenzel ● Holly Allen ● Mindy Aronoff ● Cristina Azocar ● Mark Backman ● Cortney Balzan ● Jake Barlow ● Nina Barron ● Stella Barton ● Steve Beatty ● Lynda Beigel ● Charles Belov ● Anne Bluethenthal ● Rachel Brahinsky ● Louis Bryan ● Lisa Burger ● Y’Anad Burrell ● Raymond Buscemi ● Chorel Centers ● Chris Clayman ● Bradley Cleveland ● Nathan Collins ● Julie Connery ● Arthur Corbin ● Aaron Cowdin ● Jonté Craighead ● Richard Darrough ● Leslie David Schwabacher ● Catherine De Heer ● Erin Diehm ● Judy and Thomas Dunworth ● Laurie Earp ● Kathy Emery ● Killian Escobedo ● Richard Everhart ● Jennifer Farris ● Maureen Futtner ● Lisa Galli ● Max Garrone ● Cole Goins ● Thomas Hayden ● Paula Hendricks ● Amanda Hickman ● Patrick Hillas ● Matthew Hirsch ● Christopher Ho ● Frank Holland ● Peter Hosey ● Amy Huang ● Lewis Hurwitz ● Bill Barry and Joan Jacobson ● Patty Jaundzems ● Linda Jue ● Jo Ellen Kaiser ● Joshua Kalven ● Joel Kamisher ● Yukari Kane ● Leslie Katz ● Diane Keaton ● Hye-Jin Kim ● Jordan Klein ● Paul Kleyman ● Carolyn and Richard Knee ● Mary Anne LaHood ● Joanne Ladolcetta ● Rosa Lara-Fernandez ● Dhyana Levey ● Jean Lindgren ● Alexis Linton ● Zak Long ● Andy Lynch ● Donna and Marty Mackowski ● Mary Magee ● Viki Maxwell ● Marianne McCarthy ● Robert McClure ● Erika McDonald ● Daniel Merer ● Mary Miller ● David Mitchell ● Janet Monaghan ● Laura Moorhead ● Prashanth Mundkur ● Jo Marie Munnich ● Alicia Neumann ● Mabel Ng ● Henry Norr ● Mary Catherine O’Connor ● Cherilyn Oshiro ● Andrew Page ● Hoa Phan ● Yvonne Pingue ● Dolores Piper ● Mary Catherine Plunkett ● Rebecca Pontikes ● Jason Prado ● Megan Prelinger ● Clare Prowse ● Elizabeth Rapp ● Stephen Revilak and Julie Rioux ● Mary Ellen and Anthony Riff ● Regina Rivard ● Rebecca Rosen Lum ● San Francisco Public Library ● Elena Schmid ● Felisa Preskill and Zachary Scholz ● Kai Seymour ● Jeremy Smith ● Jackson Solway ● Lance Starin ● P-R Stark ● Denise Stavis Levine ● Carl Stein ● Tom Stites ● Anne Suskind ● Ruth Tam ● Lisa Tehrani ● Jason Tester ● Darby Thomas ● Sarah Twitchell ● Lorri Ungaretti ● Giselle Velazquez ● Rina Weisman ● Laura Wenus ● Joseph Wetzel ● Leon Barnard and Shinwha Whang ● Brenda White ● Robert Wilson ● Danny Yadegar ● Yao Yue ● Olga Zilberbourg

Newsie Members ● Up to $49

Gina and Tyler Alioto ● Serena Allen ● Susan Atwood ● Joel Aufrecht ● Mary Baca ● Christopher Berry ● Simon Bertrang ● Leigh Biddlecome ● Sue Blankman ● Deetje Boler ● Stacy Bond ● Bruce Bowen ● Mary Bugnon ● Judith Calson ● Ann Campbell ● James Campbell ● Marc Capobianco ● Lage Carlson ● Chris Carlsson ● Janet Carpinelli ● Jui Chakravorty ● Doria Charlson ● Krisann Chasarik ● Marian and Charlie Chatfield-Taylor ● Michael Childs ● Hae Min Cho ● Linda Christenson ● Jessica Closson ● Alison Cohen ● Kathleen Coll ● Karen Coppock ● Joseph R. Coriz ● Karlotta Bartholomew and Aubrey Cramer ● Sue Cross ● Jennelle Crothers ● James Custer ● Kevin Davis ● Neil DeJong ● Mary DeLapa ● Lucas Della Bella ● Nicole Diaconoff ● Jon Diamond ● John Diehl ● Emmy Diep ● Joy D’Ovidio ● Sharon Eberhardt ● Mechanics’ Institute Library ● London Elise ● Adam Elman ● Alice Estrup ● Michelle Fitzhugh-Craig ● Catherine Foo ● Michael Freeman ● Amanda Fried ● Daren Garshelis ● Judy Goddess ● Francine Goodwin ● Kari Gray ● David Greene ● Justine Gubar ● Delphine Halgand ● Jackie Hasa ● Steven Hendrix ● Bonnie Hobbs ● Adnan and Amy Iftekhar ● Cecil Jack ● KR Jacks ● Lisa Kadyk ● Paul Kagawa ● Stephen Koch ● Rajesh Krishnan ● Connie Krosney ● Alfie Kulzick ● Deborah Kwan ● Jerry and Mary Caye Lagomarsino ● Jennifer Lane ● Robin Larsen ● Eric Lukoff ● Patrick Maley ● Ellen Manchester ● Eric Mar ● Wendy Marlatt ● Eduardo Martinez ● Rob McLean ● Michael Melez ● Andrea Carla Michaels ● Gayle and George Mills ● Eleanor Molloy ● Betsy Morris ● Deborah Nagle-Burks ● Don Neuwirth ● Katrina Olds ● Frank Ploof ● John Purdie ● Amy Pyle ● Victoria Python ● Paul Reeberg ● Edward and Allyson Ritger ● Martin Bennett and Claudia Robbins ● Barbara Roos ● Bill Ruck ● Max Sadrieh ● Adam Schweigert ● Joseph Sciarrillo ● Thea Selby and Robert Johnstone ● Eleanor Selfridge-Field ● Sheryl-Lyn Shelley ● Rebecca Skinner ● Chris Sulots ● Eric Talbert ● Christian Taylor ● Kimberly Christensen and Richard Tsai ● Gabriel Turner ● Christian Utzman ● Eileen Wampole ● Rob Waters ● David Watterson ● Michael Weber ● Corey Weinstein ● Mary Whitten ● Denese and Tom Willey ● Philip Williams ● Joseph Wirt ● Leslie Arita and Adam Wooley ● Sonya Worthy ● Suzanne Yada ● Tom Honig and Louise Yarnall ● Yucky Yencken

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