S.F. Shifts Strategy on Homeless Encampments, Moving Away From Complaint-Driven System

City officials Thursday pledged to abandon the current complaint-driven approach to addressing homeless encampments, saying it has been ineffective in moving large numbers of people from the streets into services and stable housing.
Jeff Kositsky, director of the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing, said that beginning in mid-March, the Healthy Streets initiative — the multi-agency coalition tasked with abating homelessness — would stop relying mostly on calls from neighbors through the city’s 311 hotline. » Read more

Assemblyman Phil Ting

Assembly Member Phil Ting Advocates for Electric Cars, Criminal Record Reform, Housing Investment

Assembly member Phil Ting represents District 19, having been elected to that seat in 2012. He previously served as San Francisco’s assessor-recorder and previously directed the Asian Law Caucus. He’s now chair of the Assembly Budget Committee. He has recently proposed legislation advancing electric cars, addressing plastic waste, reforming how criminal records are cleared and improving housing protections and production to help curb homelessness. » Read more

March 2020 Election Guide: Prop E

From the Public Press’ March 2020 Nonpartisan Election Guide:
Proposition E is a proposal to restrict new office development in step with the shortfall of affordable housing construction. It was put forward by the affordable housing nonprofit TODCO. 
The restriction would work like this: If San Francisco builds only 35% of its affordable housing goal for a year, the next year, it could build only 35% of its annual allocation of office space. » Read more

March 2020 Election Guide: Prop A

From the Public Press’ March 2020 Nonpartisan Election Guide:
Proposition A would authorize the City College of San Francisco to borrow up to $845 million by issuing general obligation bonds. It needs at least 55% “yes” votes to pass.
The money would pay for repairs and improvements to facilities, including seismic retrofits, upgrades to electrical and plumbing systems, and increased access for people with disabilities. » Read more

March 2020 Election Guide: Prop 13

From the Public Press’ March 2020 Nonpartisan Election Guide:
Proposition 13 is a state bond measure to fund construction at schools. Don’t let the number designation on this statewide measure mislead you. This Proposition 13 doesn’t change the 1978 Proposition 13, which froze property taxes, with an increase cap of 2% per year until the property is sold. » Read more

March 2020 Election Guide: Prop D

From the Public Press’ March 2020 Nonpartisan Election Guide:
Proposition D is Supervisor Aaron Peskin’s response to empty storefronts around the city: a vacancy tax. The assumption is that at least one reason storefronts stay empty is because landlords are holding out for a tenant who can pay high rent. » Read more

John P. McDonnell

Republican Business Tax Attorney Seeks State Assembly Seat

John McDonnell is a business and tax attorney born and raised in San Francisco. He’s running to challenge State Assemblyman Phil Ting for the seat for District 19, which covers western San Francisco. McDonnell outlines his perspectives on education, housing, criminal justice reform, and how taxation and inequality intersect. » Read more