Bay Area Governments Study Sea Level Rise, but Few Set Limits on Development

Cities and counties working to revise obsolete land­-use plans based on inconsistent flood maps
The San Francisco Public Press surveyed 13 Bay Area cities and counties where building projects are planned in waterfront areas vulnerable to sea level rise. While most are studying the issue, few have passed new regulations to limit growth or require developers to flood­proof their properties. » Read more


Interactive Map: A Baywide Building Boom Threatened by Rising Waters

We found 27 proposals for major construction projects that could be flooded in decades due to climate change.

Full page view of interactive map
Map by Maia Wachtel, Marcea Ennamorato and Brittany Burson // UC Berkeley CAGE Lab; Amanda Hickman // Public Press
Waterfront property is always desirable, but a San Francisco Public Press survey has found that at least 27 major real estate developments proposed, planned or underway around San Francisco Bay could be vulnerable to severe flooding due to climate change. » Read more